Sharon Joy offers music education workshops, clinics, and professional development sessions for music teachers, specializing in elementary music education. These sessions can be offered as afternoon or Saturday sessions to school districts, schools, or music education regions and are currently available in Texas and Louisiana. Contact for scheduling and rate information.
Creating Original Student Opera
This multi-disciplinary project provides hand-on experience with opera while enhancing language development, problem solving, higher level thinking skills, and socialization. Dr. Joy has facilitated over 35 original student operas and has been trained in the opera-creation curricula of both OPERA America and the Metropolitan Opera Guild. Learn how an original opera project can motivate your students and reinforce learning across the curriculum.

What’s the Story, Morning Glory?: The Use of Story in the Music Classroom

Stories often provide a perfect entry into the world of music. Learn how creative storytelling can enhance your music program and entice young students to listen more actively. Use of stories in listening, creating, and performing music will be included, as will Dr. Joy’s unique correlation of story and musical elements. References to State Standards in music and language arts will be provided.
(2-4 hours)

Listen Up: Ideas for Incorporating Music Listening Activities in the Elementary Classroom
As life-long music lovers, we long to share our passion for music masterpieces with our students. In this session teachers will learn new and exciting strategies that encourage active listening and musical sensitivity, while enhancing your music program. Bring new life into your music appreciation program! Correlation of State Standards in music and language arts will be included. (2-4 hours)

Compose Yourself - and Let Your Students Be Composers too!
Discover new and exciting techniques to guide your students in the compositional process. Strategies for guiding students to write original instrumental compositions, songs, musical theatre works, and operas will be discussed and demonstrated. These highly motivating creative processes can empower students to be proud music-makers! (2-4 hours)

Set Yourself Up for a Successful Student Teaching Experience
Learn how to make the most of the student teaching experience. These guidelines for student teachers, site-based mentor teachers, and university supervisors will help to make the student teaching semester more effective. Learn what you can do to provide guidance to your student teachers. (1 hour)

Make Music a Part of Your Day (also known as Music is Basic) for Elementary Classroom Teachers
Learn new and exciting strategies to teach language arts, math, social studies, and science through music. This tried-and-true workshop has been taught to Houston public elementary school teachers annually for eight years! Discover how non-musicians can integrate music into the elementary classroom and provide motivation for active learning. (3-6 hours)

Short Session (2-3 hours) During this session Dr. Joy will present a rationale for using this exciting interdisciplinary curriculum and an overview of the process by which students can create, compose, produce, and perform their original operas.

Long session (6 hours + optional follow-up session. During this extended session teachers will learn how to implement opera writing curriculum in their schools. Topics include the process of adapting a story or writing an original story, writing libretto, composing music, comprehensive student participation, various production models for your classroom, production and performance strategies, publicity and production tips. Through active participation, teachers will create a short opera scene and an aria using these techniques.

Consulting/Artist-in-Residence Dr. Joy is available to assist your students in the creation of their original opera. Contact JoySounds for further information.
Elementary Music Education Workshops and Professional Development Sessions
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