Here are some helpful links in the area of Peace-Building in Israel/Palestine:

Libby and Len Traubman provide inspirational mentorship for the Dialogue movement. On their website you can read about the numerous positive efforts that people are making to create a new world of true listening and intercultural relationship building.

Nature knows no borders at the Arava Institute of Environmental Sciences. Here Israelis, Palestinians, Jordanians and other international students are prepared to solve their region's environmental challenges together. They live, study, and work together for extended periods of time, enabling them to form relationships and networks that lay the foundation for a cooperative, peaceful future in the Middle East. Check out the website of this amazing place when you are need of a dose of practical hope for the future!

Sites for Grassroots Peace-Building in the Middle East

The following websites include people and groups I visited in July 2009. These are grassroots projects for peaceful relationship-building in Israel/Palestine and are facilitated by courageous people. There are many more projects and organizations. I encourage you to find them and support them, for it is at the grassroots level where people can meet, get to know one another, and form sustained, cooperative networks.

The Arava Institute for Environmental Sciences
Hand In Hand Schools
Interfaith Encounter Association
Language Connections
Ukeleles for Peace

Other Important Organizations

There are many other important efforts for peace and understanding. The most useful are those that promote careful listening and sustained relationships. Here are a few of them. Check them out for yourself. Then see what you can do to be part of the solution!
Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information
Peace Child Israel
PRIME - Peace Research Institute in the Middle East "Learning Each Other's Historical Narratives"
Seeds of Peace

Other Links I Recommend

NPR: No description needed here!
Red River Radio: My local NPR affiliate
The World Peace Society
Music Education Links