Dr. Sharon Joy is Associate Professor of Music Education at Northwestern State University of Louisiana. Her specialty is elementary music education, with interests in early childhood music education, creative music education, opera-writing curriculum, music education for students with special needs, composition experiences for children, and interdisciplinary music education. Dr. Joy offers a variety of workshops and inservice sessions for elementary music and classroom teachers.

Areas of interest on the university level include philosophical, historical, social, and psychological foundations of music education, with emphasis on musical preference and multicultural music. Other professional music education interests include the integration of music with other curricular areas, pre-service field experience and teacher certification, early childhood music education, constructivist education, aesthetic education, and music education as a vehicle to foster intercultural understanding.

University classes include:

Principles of Music Education
Elementary Music Education Methods
Teaching Music to Children with Special Needs
Social and Psychological Foundations of Music Education (Graduate Level)
Music for Kindergarten and the Elementary Classroom
Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Music Education (Graduate)
Early Childhood Music Education (Graduate Level)
Teaching For Music Understanding: A Constructivist Approach (Graduate)


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